Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • tinku2009
    06-07 12:35 AM

    I live in CA. I E-file EAD application online. In the instruction pdf file the address is Phoenix,AZ but in the confirmation document it is Lincoln,NE.

    Which is the right address to send the supporting documents? :confused:

    Please help.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • yetanotherguyinline
    07-27 06:50 PM D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • eager_immi
    05-30 01:42 PM
    GC is not for you to apply it is based on the employer. Many employers wait to file in the 5th year so you do not leave the company. Also every time your job changes within the company (which is also not in your hand) your employer will re-file labor. So you could have been here like me for 9 years with a priority date on May 2005 and bc of change in job position it will become Dec 2007 and never get your green card.

    I understand if someone was stuck in BEC, we all got s****ed with that.
    But why given that the H1B is only intended to be for a maximum of 6 years would anyone leave it until the last year to apply.

    PERM has been around for a while now, and anyone approaching 6 years should have already filed PERM or be ready to leave after year 6.

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-22 02:53 PM
    This sound like a good idea...our first option is to attend the rally. But if for some reason we are not able to make it...we can identify a place in all the states on the same day to show support for the DC rally.. I tried to find someone in Buffalo...but noone responded..dont know whether I will be able to attend the rally in DC.

    I know some of you will be attending the Rally in DC on Sep 18th.

    But most wont be attending the rally in DC on the 18th. Wouldnt it be good if the people who are not able to attend the DC rally conduct a rally in Texas at the same day.

    This way, there will be a multi pronged effect. In fact, it would have an even greater effect if simultaneous rallies are held in other places too. Like

    West Coast (Bay area )
    Midwest (Chicago)
    Texas (one of the major cities - Dallas, Austin or Houston)

    Think of all the local media attention this gets & also the ripple effect into national media.

    Any thoughts ??


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  • seba
    09-24 03:29 PM
    GreenTech, that's a good question. I am considering to transfer to offices in Asia or Europe next year and then attend B-school in the US after 2 years. That way, once I graduate, I will also at least have the option to get another 6-year H1 in the US.

    thepaew, thanks for the advice. I have been thinking about this for a while, and my options are:

    1) Start the GC process now and wait until I get the GC. Then think about B-school after I get the GC (I am not interested in part-time programs).
    2) Forget the GC process and transfer to Europe or Asia next year and then attend B-school in the US after a few years.

    Personally for me, having an MBA in 5 years is more valuable than having a GC in 5 years, so I am leaning towards option 2 above. However, if I don't get into B-school, then that's another story... I would probably transfer back to the US on L1 and start the GC process. At that point, I would apply under EB2 anyway with my Bachelor's and 5+ years experience.

    Thanks again everyone for the replies and advice. And yes, of course you are not lawyers, but your help is still very useful. During my H1 renewal process, I got more useful info from here than from my company's lawyer!

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  • lazycis
    05-01 12:52 PM
    If I-485 is still pending, you can try to use AC21 and port old I-140 to new employer. Nothing to lose, a lot to gain if it works out. AC21 is not clearly defined and it's not codified in regulations so you have a good chance to prevail. The only problem I see is that the old employer no longer exists. Termination of the employer's business is one of the reasons for automatic revocation of I-140 (see 8 CFR 205.1(a)(iii)(D)). However if old employer was simply merged into another company, you can argue that business was not terminated.


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  • msp1976
    10-16 10:14 AM
    What are you saying? Health Services dismal? I thought it was better than US in many aspects. The cost is cheap for treatment (unless you have some uncommon disease. Since the system is churning up so many doctors, there is a lot of competition. Even in small villages you will find many doctors competing for patients. Maybe that is not true for everywhere, but that is what I have seen in my home state Haryana.

    Also the education system may not be perfect, but kids don't have to go to private schools, because public schools have run out of capacity. There are problems like not all-around development, and not all kids doing great in studies. But that is true even in US, unless you are sending your kids to a fine private school (which by the way you can do in India, if you have money). JMHO

    You can get reasonable education and health care in India if you are in the top 10% income range. You can get reasonable eduction and health care in US if you are in the top 50% income rage. That is the main difference...

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  • moonrah
    06-13 06:03 PM
    does it mean, it was not discussed at all and it is going to be discussed next week?


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  • ab2k7
    07-05 04:19 PM
    Thanks for your response, paisa. Does that mean start over the whole process from LC for GC again? As per this doc there is a difference b/w LCA for H1B and LC for GC. So incase a H1B employee files LC for GC, does he also need to maintain LCA in parallel? This is still not clear to me.

    I've found this doc from

    Labor Condition Application (“LCA”): This document attests to the DOL that the employer will pay the prevailing wage and that hiring the H-1B worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers. The LCA must be certified by the DOL, and included in the H-1B package. The LCA process is now streamlined with the use of electronic filings. LCAs can be obtained in a matter of seconds. NOTE: The LCA is not the same as Labor Certification for green card purposes. For an LCA in connection with an H-1B, there is no need to advertise the job or to test the labor market
    for U.S. workers.

    Would appreciate if someone can shed some light.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • vineet
    01-17 07:32 PM
    Heard about a similar issue with the EAD for a colleague at work today. Will let you know what the company lawyers recommend him to do....



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  • HV000
    10-27 12:31 AM
    Being a Democrat, Kennedy is ONLY going to care about ILLEGALS. We all know how much time he spent debating CIR few months ago.

    Canned response is a SLAP ON THE FACE!!

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  • sumansk
    07-16 01:10 PM
    Thanks for the update..But the 'bueatifulmind' cannot 'waitendless':D


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  • waitnwatch
    05-30 01:02 PM
    I would appreciate if you could reference the bill text (if you have), then we can together spin this news - thanks

    Here is my explanation of how the new system will work -

    The USCIS declares an open period for all merit based application.

    Everyone on H1-B puts in an application and gets in line.

    The USCIS declares the list of succesful applicants.

    For oversubscribed countries (remember that the country limit is 10% of 140000) there will be unsuccessful applicants who will have to apply next year.

    Those unsuccessful applicants who reach their 6th year on H1-B cannot get any more H1-B extensions because they donot have an approved I140.

    So it will be goodbye to professors in Economics and Business from India and China who will not get points for either STEM or high demand occupations.

    I hope this make sense.

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  • kumjay
    06-28 03:37 PM
    O MY GOD !! You are so right............guys.. check out Rajiv Khanna's web site, Check out Sheela Murthy's web site, USCIS.....everyone is saying the same.........we are royally screwed. God Helppppppppppp


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  • Gravitation
    12-14 12:57 PM
    Please post the URL of the school you are attending.

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  • jayleno
    03-11 06:02 PM

    Are you the same person as the one who posted this? Has someone hijacked your id or your brain?

    You are asking an employer to do you a favor by sponsoring you a labor certification without a bonafide intent on your part to join the company.
    I am sure you would be willing to pay money to the employer for that.
    Please just get off this immigration boards these are for broad issues not a forum to encourage dubious if not illegal activity.

    This is a very subjective question of intent? If the employer has no problem and willing to support the petition and a job offer when the RFE arrives, how will the UCSIS ever determine intent.
    Lets assume the greencard is approved and can it be revoked if i never work for the employer.
    And will the fac that i worked for them in the past and resigned before filing a I 14o be a negative factor for adjudication.


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  • sbeyyala
    07-14 01:37 PM
    I have a similar issue, Applied for a EAD that is expiring in Sep08 on June10th08, Got EAD approved from NSC on July7th and saw that the new EAD Card is valid from 01/01/08 to 01/01/09, so in effect its extended by 4 months.

    Planning to call NSC to see what I can do,

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  • seba
    02-08 12:41 AM
    Arjun, thanks for clarifying those things. I have a couple of final questions before I book my trip if you could please help me again.

    (1) My first H1B was valid from Oct 2004 to Oct 2007, and I got my stamp in Dubai. The stamp expired on Oct 2007. My second H1B is valid from Oct 2007 to Oct 2010, and I am planning to go to Halifax for the stamping. I have stayed at the same company all this time. Does "revalidation" include my situation?

    (2) When leaving for Canada, they did not take your white I-94 card (stapled to passport) at the US airport. When arriving in the US, they replaced your old I-94 with a new I-94 at the US airport. Please confirm that all this is correct.

    Thanks again. My company uses "immigration lawyers", but they seem rather incompetent, as many of you have experienced.

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  • Madhuri
    06-15 12:26 AM
    So is it that, if you already have approved 3 yr H1 extension after 6 yrs
    then it will not become invalid even if you get EAD now?

    You can file I485 while H1 is pending. But if you read the H1 ext clause, you can see that you are eligible for H1 extension beyond 6 years only if your labor is pending for more than 1 year, or if you can't file for adjustment of status because of retrogression. Now, because you are eligible for I-485, you lose the eligibility to extend H1, which means, your pending H1 can be denied whether you file I485 or not. You might be lucky and get away with successful extension. But if the officer knows what he is doing, he'll not clear your extension. I have to add that I am assuming your H1 extension is BEYOND 6 years. If it is within 6 years, there is no problem. You'll get an extension.

    07-28 01:18 AM
    I have a question, my attorney says that he has filed the application on 2nd July without my signature.
    I have not given any authorization also.
    I am worried if it is valid or not.

    I don't know if they take authorization from my employer or it should be from me.
    Please suggest.


    04-18 09:09 AM
    I already have two labor certification petition both of which are stuck in PBEC. MY first labor cert has PD of March 2003 and the other Feb 2005 . ON my lawyers advice i filed my second labor under RIR instead of waiting for another month and filing under PERM what a big mistake i made... I am onmy 5th yr on H1b and was hoping to Get at least 3yr ext if i was able to file 1-140 and have it approved before i file for the H1b . :(

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